Flores Island

Flores is part of the immense chain that comprises the archipelago of Indonesia. Lying close to the equator, Flores is a long, narrow and rugged island marked with dramatic volcanoes and beautiful mountain lakes and forests. Strategically located between the bigger islands of Java and Timor, it is just 380 kilometers long and varies from 12 to 70 kilometers wide.

Flores is in Indonesia's Nusa Tenggara region. It is the third island east of Bali. Ende is the capital. Flores is the volcanic island and has unique and spectacular attractions. Mount Kelimutu has become a favorite destination, with its three crater lakes of different colors.

Despite unrest in Indonesia in recent years, Flores remains a peaceful backwater, untouched by violence and separatist conflict. Flores for travelers - that means tranquility, and an island that is surprised and pleased that you came to visit.

You do need to be quite careful about what you eat and drink, since it's a poor island with poor sanitation. Stick with bottled drinks or boiled water, and eat only thoroughly cooked food.

Communication is tricky sometimes. Phone service is ok on the whole island and in city areas you do have a good connection with handphones, especially if you have an Indonesian SIMcard. Postal service is glacially slow. You'll do much better to carry your treasures home with you.

Flores Island is an isolated area which just recently developed. Simple accommodation to the local standard hotels that have air-condition and pool are available.

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